Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Latest From Jay

To our national and international friends...

Amnesty International and LULAC National...and CAFHTA, a Dallas-Fort Worth coalition of organizations..along with many-many other organizations have embraced and support our cause to Free the Children from the Hutto prison camp in Taylor, TX. On June 23rd...we will hold a historical Hutto Vigil IX...a vigil of international proportions. (We will notify you later about the time)

As Chertoff, ICE and the Bush Administration deny access of the U.N. Human Rights Commission special "rapporteur", Jorge Bustamante, from inspecting the human rights violations at Hutto and other immigrant prison camps...and now being supported by Amnesty International...the message about the imprisoned innocent children in Hutto is spiraling all over the earth.

>From Australia to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Russia...Asia...and Alaska all the way to Argentina. All one has to do is Google "Hutto" any which way you want to...and you'll see that what the current Administration and Chertoff are doing violates all human morality and amounts to a crime against humanity that flies in the face of "inalienable rights" let alone "liberty and justice for all".

The Bush administration and "Homeland Security"...have made a mockery of the Statue of Liberty's promise of "Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teaming shore. Send these the homeless, tempest tossed to me..."

While Chertoff rounds up the wretched refuse and rips families apart...he disposes them in the pits of "for profit" prisons...where they loose all human dignity and identity...disappear and get recycled between prisons so that the private prison stock holders can get obscene and guaranteed profits.

They have stooped imprisoning children!!! In some cases babies as young as 6 months old...2 years old. How long can Congress be silent? Just as long as we the people are silent!!!

Why not check out some of our favorite sites. If you don't know already...we have our own My Space. On my'll see that we have over 1500 friends signed up already...including Presidential candidates. Sign up!

FREE the CHILDREN now has some 1600 friends now...including some Presidential candidates. You'll see that many of the friends have posted FREE the CHILDREN on their sites as well.

From Sean Cunningham of PBS-Austin. It's a class act compilation of the Hutto situation. Sign up and comment.

From the faithful editor, Greg Moses, who has tracked, reported on and archived all of the Hutto walks and well as our campaigns to free families like the Ibrahims and Hazahzas.

Remember too...that by the end of the month...Univision will be coming out with a documentary on anniversary documentary from the time that Hutto opened in May of last year. June...Sr. Jorge Bustamante will submit his report and findings to the U.N. And...on June 23rd...we the people will be loud enough at the Hutto Vigil make sure that after all of our protests...Congress will finally hear...not just our voices...but the cries of the children and the cries of their mothers...who are cruelly imprisoned for the crime of wanting to seek freedom in America...


In solidarity...


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