Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Fence Will Destroy Wildlife


Activists fear big cats, tortoises, will be cut off from water at the Rio Grande

Environmentalists have spent decades acquiring and preserving 90,000 riverfront acres of Texas scrub and forest and protecting the area's wildlife. Now they fear the hundreds of miles of border fences will undo their work and kill some land animals by cutting them off from the Rio Grande, the only source of fresh water.

But, of course the powermongers don't care about that! No. Instead, they inflame the Anglo population into a frenzy of fear of immigrants so that they can pass laws restricting all of us.

Because, if you think for one minute you are safe due to your blue eyes or Northern European name, think again. Once they are ready to move on from Latinos, they will cast around for another victim.

Do you think Hitler destroyed just Jews? Wrong. Poles, gypsies, homosexuals and those he considered to be mentally or physically deficient also went to the camps and, ultimately, the ovens.

Damn, I wish you would all WAKE UP!

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