Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did You Know...

...that the U.S.A. is the only country, with the exception of Somalia, that has not ratified the international "rights of the child". Attached is that resolution...that was adopted by Congress but rejected by George Herbert Walker Bush. Now...his son violates virtually every right of a child that the rest of the international community protects.

This coming Monday, UN inspector, Jorge Bustamante, will be visiting the T. Don Hutto prison camp in behalf of the Human Rights Commission. When was the last time that a UN, Human Rights investigator has come to America to inspect human rights violations? In our months of fighting to liberate innocent children here on American soil...not one national television network has reported it. We, on the grass roots level, tend to feel that the silence is willful...complicit. Why else would there not be a rush by the media to expose such a crime against humanity that is being committed against innocent and helpless people...and for profit...right here in America.

To imprison a child is an international crime. And…will someone PLEASE look at the attached Rights of the Child document and tell me what part of that United Nations resolution IS NOT being violated with depravity by Bush, Chertoff & ICE?

Here is the document in question:

Read it, and see if you think imprisoning children is OK with you. Because it's not OK with the rest of the world. The US used to lead the world towards Democracy and Freedom. why are we allowing that to change?

Do we own the land, or does George W. Bush?


  1. This President and his money-hungry cronies are a disgrace, Ronni. Cruel bastards!

    This is Megalomania at its worst. The Narcissistic tendencies are screaming out. Why has he not been "sectioned"? He is not a sane person or a balanced one. Frightening!

    Keyripes! Pelosi is against impeachment? What hope is there...!?

    Apologies for any offence caused!

  2. Morning, Ronni!

    Election day in Scotland, today. Wish my trust wasn't so damaged.