Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Small Children Run Screaming

A small section of creepy masks. Notice hanging racks above, and standing racks below.
Wigs. The entire front end of the building has these heads hanging from the ceiling, trailing great hanks of hair.
More assorted ugliness. People ask us if we "do" birthday parties. Can you imagine? When you go in, it's about 2000 square feet of racks of clothing, topped with shelves of masks. More racks hang from the ceiling, along with hundreds of wigs. The upper walls are festooned with hats of all sorts. It's a maze back there, and wherever you raise your eyes, there are more and more thoroughly ugly masks.


  1. Is this your store!? Wow. I love this stuff. I give huge Halloween parties and have masks and stuff from many years collecting it all.

  2. I work there. We do primarilty theater costuming, but Ramona bought an inventory from another costume shop, and these were all part of that.

    We do Halloween, as well, but, year round, our focus is theater.

  3. rhea, I've added you to my links, as well. Your blog is very interesting!