Thursday, April 19, 2007

Strange Cat Cuteness

At a garage sale last weekend, I bought this plush kitty. When you press on its paws, it mews.

It seems that Hilary has adopted it for her very own. She kneads it, sleeps on it, snurfles it. She makes it mew. I think that, in her tiny cat brain, she has adopted it.
I expect she calls it


  1. Well, Ronni, Alex is a hard act to follow :) but I wanted to say I love your cat stories. I'm a cat lover, too. I don't think I enjoy the company of quite as many as you share your home with, but we have four that entertain us here.

  2. Sorry about alex. I get quite a few of those, but not enough to make me want to moderate. I just sweep out the trash once in a while!

    Our cats are very entertaining! I'm glad you like them.