Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Rant

Thought: Does the Daily Mail indulge in April Fools pranks? Maybe I've been took. Here's another article, this one actually released on the 1st of April:


Still, I've seen no retraction, no gleeful "April Fool's!"

So I'm going to rant on.

A lot of people, wiser than I, have stated that, if we don't learn from history, we wind up repeating it. A question:

How can we learn FROM it, if we don't even LEARN it in the first place?

Maybe Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith, should ring in on this. Of course, that title originally referred to the Catholic faith, but became attached to the Church of England very soon after its inception. Since when do Muslims and Christian fundamentalists decide what is taught in British Schools? As far as I know, Muslims never have. Christian fundamentalists...well...there was that time when the Puritans took over. Fortunately, it didn't last. Hopefully, this won't either.

Here's the thing. When choosing a country in which to live and raise your children, why would you select one that had a history your religion didn't approve of? I'm not saying you must embrace with fervour everything about your adopted culture, but you must be willing to accept certain things, and education is one of those. What is next? Will we start teaching kids Arabic before they learn English? We wouldn't want to offend the Mosques, now, would we? Maybe we should submit our lesson plans to the Imams for approval in other subjects, as well. Should we make our girls cover their hair, lest the sight of British beauty offend?

O, the possibilities are endless.

Pardon me while I go spew chunks.

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