Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Musings on the Grant Confession

Here's the link, again:

I'm not going to go through and count all the times he says "I." I'll leave that to some other sort of analyst. I just like to point out things that seem significant to me.

G She said, "I got to do what I have to do in my job and it's none of your business." So she started to turn around and I grabbed her wrist and--stop, I said. "Just stop it." I said, "you're not going anywhere. We're gonna finish this conversation," and she slapped me.

And a bit later:

G She started to get back up when I put my hand on her neck. She kept saying that--that it was over, that she was going to take the kids and because I hit her, that was it. And I said, no, you hit me first, and she said it doesn't matter. She said, "cops aren't gonna think like that--I'm calling the police." I put my hands on her neck and choked her.

I hear this a lot from guys who hit their wives and girlfriends. "She hit me first!" Like an average third-grader. "She hit me first!"

This disregards the fact that he was, by his own admission, the first to lay hands on her.

"I grabbed her wrist..."

But "grabbing" is supposedly OK.

Of course, the whole argument is specious. No matter the provocation, short of a threat to his life, there is no justification whatsoever for a man to hit a woman. It's that whole Superior Upper Body Strength (SUBS) thing, you know? I could slap a man as hard as I can, and perhaps rock him back on his heels a bit, but, if he slapped me back, putting as much into it as I had, he would knock me across the room and through the sheet rock.

Why do the little darlings think we ask them to open the pickle jars, anyway? SUBS.

Stephen Grant remembers in great detail what Tara said to him, complete with curse words. He seems a bit fuzzy in the matter of what he said to her, though. He is trying to use her cursing at him as an excuse for his actions. That works no better than the argument that she slapped him.

I'm sure that several million people who have read this confession wish she had slapped him a lot harder. Hard enough for him to fall and hit his head on something and be unconscious long enough for her to gather up the children and get out of there.

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