Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Latest From Jay

Afternoon y'all...Imagine! Imagine what the impact would be if the Texas Legislature passed a resolution against Hutto and for the freeing of the children imprisoned by Chertoff and ICE. Can you or your organization help us achieve that lofty goal?In a democracy...the voice of the people must be heard!

As most of you know, HCR 64 has been languishing in the State Affairs Committee of the Texas House since early February. This bill demands of Chertoff and ICE that the innocent children be freed from the Hutto prison camp in Taylor , TX. It appears that the only way we can force this resolution into a "Public Hearing" by the State Affairs Committee...and then to the House Floor is via a concerted campaign to expose the refusal of the Committee Chairman, David Swinford (of Sherman, Moore, Potter and Carson Counties) to allow a "Public Hearing".

One of our very dedicated supporters, Mark Coates, has suggested three ways we can accomplish this:

1. By writing a letter (email) to the newspapers in the counties Swinford represents: Stratford Star - Moore Co. News (Dumas) -
Panhandle Herald -
Amarillo Globe -

2. By calling Swinford's Austin and/or Amarillo office:
Austin 512-463-0470
Amarillo 806-374-8787

3. By faxing a letter to either of these offices: Austin 512-463-8003
Amarillo 806-374-0868Let's add a fourth way:

4. By e-mailing Swinford and all of the committee members.

Following are the e-mails addresses from the Capitol website. The offices will not do anything but give an auto-reply. Not to worry. However, we need to barrage them with the voice of "We the people", doing so by e-mails, protesting Hutto and protesting the fact that Swinford has not scheduled HCR 64 for a public hearing. Please keep in mind that Reps. Farrar and Vaesey below have signed on as sponsors of HCR 64. They should be commended for championing the children, while the others are complicit with the imprisonment of innocent children by their refusal to address this issue in public.
David Swinford
Ken Paxton
Corbin Van Arsdale
Wayne Christian
Jessica Farrar
Byron Cook
Dan Flynn
Tan Parker
Marc Veasey
When we send an e-mail, make the call or fax...please demand that Swinford hold a "Pubic Hearing" and send the resolution to the floor of the House of Representatives for our elected representatives to be able to vote on such a worthy resolution.

Note: A ringing phone is very disruptive and far more noticeable than an email. So, if you have the time, phone calls and faxes are a good thing to do. Emailing letters to editors, however, are dynamite as they are read by Swinford's constituents! It is imperative that this campaign be taken to his constituents as well as to him and his committee members. Many of his constituents are probably totally unaware of his willful blocking of this bill to free the innocent children. And...they should know. They have a right to know. We all are busy. We have many commitments. We simply request your support. Please stop for a moment and think how you would feel if it was one of your children or grandchildren or a special friend was in one of these facilities...but everyone was too busy to make an attempt to free them. This is a tragedy of national and international scope and implications. If we can't free the innocent children today...what does that mean for our tomorrow? matter what part of the state or country you're from...please help us free the innocent children. You can do so simply by making the contacts in the way that is easiest for you. Then...PLEASE...share this email to your friends and organizations and ask for their support in Freeing the Children. We must...and shall...FREE THE CHILDREN!

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