Thursday, April 05, 2007

Here's Something to Curl Your Toes

A friend involved in the prison protests sent me this link. The article is just over a year old:

"Scott speculated that the "detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law."


"There also was another little-noticed item posted at the U.S. Army website, about the Pentagon's Civilian Inmate Labor Program. This program "provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations."

"The Army document, first drafted in 1997, underwent a "rapid action revision" on Jan. 14, 2005. The revision provides a "template for developing agreements" between the Army and corrections facilities for the use of civilian inmate labor on Army installations."

~and, further~

"These developments also are drawing more attention now because of earlier Bush administration policies to involve the Pentagon in "counter-terrorism" operations inside the United States."

Are you scared, yet?

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