Monday, April 02, 2007

For the Rest

If there are any of you asking why I'm going after these detention centers, think about this:

Right now, it's illegal immigrants. The same people who have been cutting our grass, working in our factories, cleaning our schools, fixing our cars, watching our children, etc., etc., for years and years. Until the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, or whatever you want to call it.

Now, all of a sudden, these folks are persona non grata. We are being told that it is costing billions of tax dollars to care for and educate them. We are not being told about the money they pay into Social Security and never claim. We are being told about those among them who break our laws, but not about those who work two and three jobs, living low-key lives and doing their best to make the same kind of life for their children as we are. In short, we are being led like sheep to the point where we think it's OK to put them all in detention camps.

$385 million dollars worth of detention camps. Charging hundreds of dollars per day of our tax money to support each one of them there. All this money going into the pockets of KBR, the builder, and CCA, the manager of these institutions. If you don't care about innocent children…you will care about money. At $7000 per month per child that CCA gets of our money…they are violating basic rights of innocent children. CCA gets $2,801,000 per month. There are 400 children and their moms imprisoned at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center. Which one of us gets that kind of money spent on us and our kids?

I know a smattering of history. Not a lot, I grant you, but enough to know that some of the questions I've always had about how Nazism could take root in Germany in the 1930s are being answered before my very eyes.

First, illegal immigrants. Then who?

And, by the time they get to us, who will be left to defend us?

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