Friday, March 16, 2007

My Nightmare

I've been prone to nightmares over the years, but not for a long time, until...

The Night I Was Chased By Babies.

It was not a good night. As the dream began, I was standing at a city bus stop in what seemed like Vancouver. There were storefronts with recessed doorways. My attention was caught by one such, and I glance down to see several babies lying and sitting on the tiles by the door. They all reached towards me, and one started to crawl to me. They were not crying, but curiously intent. I wanted to pick them up, but there were too many. I couldn't hold them all. Telling myself that there must be somebody nearby in charge of them, I walked away.

On my way down the street, another baby crawled out of an alley to me. In the dream, I started to think of "Village of the Damned," a haunting little sci-fi story about alien children in human form. I walked a bit faster.

Soon, I was seeing babies everywhere. they were crawling toward me, following me, intercepting me. Dozens of them. I ran. As I came to my apartment building, I ran inside, and looked back to see them all piled up against the glass door; eyes wide, mouths open in a silent plea. Once again, I turned my back.

I went upstairs to my apartment, and, once inside, upstairs to take a shower. I approached the shower stall and pulled back the curtain. I could not step in. The shower had been glassed over, becoming a floor-to-ceiling glass tank. It was full of water, and, floating in it...

All the babies.

I woke up, screaming.

I now know who all those babies were.

Conner Peterson. Lori Hacking's baby. Michelle Young's baby. Janet Abaroa's baby.

All the babies killed before or after their birth by the demons in human form who should love, cherish and protect them.

I won't dwell on them all the time--that way, madness lies. but I will have a lot to say to try and save other babies from being like them.

~end of rant~

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