Monday, March 19, 2007

Is It Wade Steffey? I'm Going To Curse!

"Steffey, of Bloomington, was last seen leaving a fraternity party on the north side of campus. His parents, who were alerted to the body’s discovery by Purdue officials, arrived on the West Lafayette campus today."

This boy has been missing for two months. If it is him, how in the hell did he get into a double-locked utility room? High Voltage? What the hell? What would keep the body from being found due to odour? The article says the room had two sets of doors. Would that stop the spread of odour?

Damn, this upsets me! I want some answers, and I want them yesterday, if not sooner.


  1. I like the blue.

    Whe I came home from my pool exercises, gracienancy was on with a breaking story about the body in the High voltage enclave. There is something stinky in Denmark and it is not fish. The parents were on campus when the program aired and were speaking with a counselor. Nuff said. The clothing alone would identify him. Jaybix. What next.dotx & ????? It is another senseless waste of humanity.

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  3. I'm guessing it's him. I sure want to know how he got there and why the room was not searched at the time he disappeared.

  4. Anonymous, start your own blog. I've already read that stuff, and I promise that anyone reading here can google as well as you or I can. Don't be filling up my comments with your huge posts.