Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Forensic Psychologist Checks In

This link will take you to a four-page interview with a forensic psychologist about husbands who kill their wives.

"Spousal homicide, in the absence of a husband's deep depression or psychosis, invariably reflects the highly entitled selfishness of the killer — whether the record reflects conflict between them or not. The double-life killer and financially driven killer will demonstrate relief in the aftermath; the morbidly jealous killer may unravel."

From this we learn:

1) He can kill, even if there is no build up of domestic violence
2) He is driven by psychopathic selfishness, no matter what the immediate cause
3) We may not be able to tell the jealous from the other types until after the murder.

Thre is a wealth of knowledge to be gained. Know thine enemy.


  1. Quite a fascinating article Ronni. Perverted behavior gives me the shibbers. Last week I saw on one of the detroit stations an interview with a handwriting expert comparing Laci's handwriting to Tara's and Sg's. I can't remember if SP was included.
    Maybe you can find it in print. I don't remember the news outlet, but it was on tv.

  2. I've been looking, Moi. Maybe I'll be able to turn it up yet. It sounds fascinating!