Thursday, February 15, 2007


I like the people I work with. I like the boss. He is fair-minded and runs a good shop without ever appearing to be heavy-handed. It's a good company to work for--there's one employee at the Round Rock store who has been at the same store for nine years. That just doesn't happen in fast food. I like the sandwiches. I like making the sandwiches. I'm getting a little bored with it, but even that is not really the problem.
The problem is the customers.
That sign in the picture? One of the most ignored signs in the history of the world, I swear!
I am tired of asking the same questions. "White or wheat?" "Lettuce, tomato and onion?" After a while, it all runs together. "Saltandpepperthundersauce?" I am tired of people who are just SO condescending. Maybe it bothers them to be served by somebody old enough to be their mother; I don't know. I am tired of the ones who can barely take the time from their phone calls to answer the questions.
I have a fantasy that I employ when customers are really rude. I tell myself that they may be taking a break from a death watch at the hospital. Thinking like that has kept me my job by enabling me to be endlessly polite in the face of downright rudeness. It could happen. I know, from the watch we kept with Addy, in the hospital that is just a mile or so from the shop.
Most of all, I am thoroughly sick and tired of flashing the million-dollar smile and a "Thank you" to the person who just tossed fifteen cents into the tip jar.

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