Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Crying

Here is a Cope and Pastey from Heather's CaringBridge Journal.
"Tonight at soccer practice. Jazz and I did one of the hardest things we had to do, since we found out we had cancer. Finding out we had cancer, biopsy, surgery. (Painful, worry, hard, sad) Tonight, we had a team meeting after practice. Jasmine and I went to Coach Sonny to talk to him about telling the girls about Jazz and soccer. He told us that if she felt it was time, then it was okay with him; and he would be there by her side. *As well as I was* (MOM) We told her soccer sisters, that she was unable to play soccer. She won't be able to play again. There is too much danger of her getting hurt. The bone can't take the pressure of running or what it takes to play. She could dislocate her hip or hurt or even break the bone. At least pieces in the metal bone. It was really painful for her to tell them. It was by far the most painful thing she has had to do. She cried all the way home...saying that it hurt her. We felt that it was time to tell them, because nothing is going to change. She won't be able to play and they needed to know because she loves them. They are her sister's. She will be their assistant coach, and will be a part of the team for as long as Coach will let her. She will ALWAYS be there friend and sister and will ALWAYS be there for them. They have grown so close in the two years they played together. Thank you god! We may not know everyone that knows Jasmine but she loves all of them so much! She puts all of you in her prayers. She THANKS everyone that supports her and continues to support her! Thank you all for everything that you have done and all of your prayers and love!!! Love, Jasmine and Heather Subia Eloy, Jorden, and Kelsey"
My heart is breaking for this courageous little girl, and her mother, who should never be having to go through this.


  1. I'm crying too!

    What a courageous young lady, and I can't imagine how difficult it was for her to share that with her team.

    But what good news about the tumors being 99% gone. That is terrific!

    Thanks, Ronni, for sharing.

  2. How wonderful for Jasmine to be assistant coach! That's a terrific way for her to participate safely.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jasmine always. Her courage and determination is awe inspiring.

    Go, JASMINE!