Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here We Go Again--The Yogurt Shop Murders


This link tells you why the guy merits a new trial


This link is a pretty good overview of the crime and the victims


This link is the latest in this case, which has dragged on since 1991.

Four teenaged girls were bound, stripped, shot and burned. Oh, and at least one of them, the animals tried to rape, but couldn't "complete the act."

Two of the victims worked at the store, and were closing. The others were a friend and a sister of the two employees. The youngest was a 13-year-old eighth grader. I've been trying to find a cached story on the actual crime, but the search engines are clogged with trials, retrials, non-trials, convictions, dismissals and tales of a thoroughly botched investigation.

Firemen and police tromped through the scene, and it wasn't processed until hours after the discovery of the crime.

The Austin Police Department felt the need to publish this statement, six months after the crime:


In my opinion, this investigation was so seriously bungled that it will never be solved. The yogurt shop is now gone, and the bronze plaque that marks the site will have crumbled into dust, and the killers will still not be punished.

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