Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Desecrating the Memorial

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posted this story.

The article describes, in detail, a smash-and-grab robbery on board the Yorktown, a WWII aircraft carrier moored just outside Charleston SC. Thieves smashed cases and stole Medals of Honor and other wartime memorabilia from the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum, housed below decks on the Yorktown.

Jim and I were there in 2003, reverently touching the glass cases housing medals dating back to the Civil War, and getting misty-eyed thinking of the sacrifices of these brave men.

No matter how you feel about our current war, you have to appreciate the sacrifices of the men. Read the article. Read about Cpl. Dunham, who threw himself on a grenade in Iraq, to shield his men. Read about the other heroes whose medals were stolen that day in 2004.

Then ask yourself, what kind of person can do this? Why has service to our country lost so much prestige that this robbery received hardly any coverage on the national news?

I know that Viet Nam, and now Iraq, have made us a bit cynical about the Commanders-in-Chief who send our sons, brothers and lovers off to fight in the far corners of the world. Still, if it weren't for those who did just that in WWII, this country could have been reduced to rubble, and the shell-shocked survivors enslaved by those who wanted to conquer the world.

Instead, we live.

I hope the animals who did this lose all their Constitutional rights, for having showed so much contempt for those who have fought for them.

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