Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Wonderful Day

I got to play with the baby today. I got to take a nap with the baby. I got to explore some things. Like, baby car seats have got wonderful. You just strap the base into the car, and snap the seat into it. A lever releases it, one handed. How cool is that?

Disposable diapers are much better, as well. They sort of velcro, rather than tape, and they're not all plastic on the outside. You can open them and close them back up again.

They have these little bouncy things, sort of oval, sort of like a chair, that you can just plop your baby into, and he thinks he's being cuddled and doesn't wake up.

Some things stay the same, though. Some babies still have trouble burping. And, undoing a diaper in the doctor's office leads to a small spray. And hiccups are hiccups, with no real cure.

Anyway, he has gained almost a pound over his birth weight, in two weeks; his head is an inch bigger, and he is an inch and a quarter longer.

Way to go, Vanessa!

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